1 page Basic Copy Editing 

A basic word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, spelling, and consistency issues.


1 page Line Editing

More intensive structural edit that focuses on fine aspects of language such as flow of ideas, transition, tone, and style. 


25 pages Copy Editing

Services of Copy Editing applied to 25 pages or approximately 13,000 words. Includes a review to ensure accurate and consistent usage. 


25 pages Line Editing 

Includes all the services of Copy Editing with checks for flow, tone, style, narrative structure, and development. 


Manuscript Editing

A basic word-by-word edit addressing grammar, spelling, and consistency applied to full manuscript of approximately 260 pages. Will check for consistency, correct grammatical errors, and check for punctuation. 


Manuscript Critique

An intensive structural edit of full manuscript of approximately 260 pages. Will address flow of ideas, transitional elements, tone, narrative structure, and style. Provides constructive feedback on story, narrative style and characters.  


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