Have you ever dreamed of writing your own novel?

When I meet someone and tell them that I'm a writer, I get a lot of mixed responses. I won't get into the snarky comments about how nice it must be to work at home in my pajamas (an obnoxious mischaracterization, by the way), but I will say that what always stuck with me was the wistful look many people got in their eye as they leaned in and said, "You know, I've always wanted to write a book..." 

A lot of us, probably more than you'd think, have dreamed of writing a novel. Maybe you were out driving one day or sitting in class, and inspiration hit you out of the blue. You had the greatest story idea ever, something no one had ever thought of before, and it was going to change people's lives. You rushed home, hurried to your computer or whipped out your pen and pad and.... nothing. The page stayed blank. 

Like so many soon-to-be authors, maybe you have a story to tell, but lack proper know-how or the common sense tools to get it out on the page. Maybe you have a plot, a character, or message, but simply can't draft it into an actual manuscript. Well, I am here to change that. I want to provide you and writers like you step-by-step guidance to write your novel. Whether you are a newbie, amateur, or floundering in editing purgatory, with monthly coaching, editing services, and creative consulting I can get you from "big idea" to a ready-to-publish manuscript. Are you ready to get to work?

Monthly coaching is $216 per month and includes first-serve Line Editing and full Manuscript Critique. For more information or to get started, fill out the form below!

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