Author, Blogger, Freelance Editor

I am a writer, blogger, martial artist and mom to a 3 year old, and have been making up epic stories for as long as I can remember. I love writing sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction. My books are fast-paced and always grounded in realism, exploring the true depths of the human experience. 

My first book, SPARK, came out in July 2018 and its sequel, FIREBREAK, followed that September. The third book was completed two months after that and is waiting to be released. These are three installments of a five-book series that all started one day back in college, when someone's phone went off during lecture. The professor gave that student an annoyed look while he scrambled to silence the phone. Meanwhile, I got a fascinating idea: "What if someone could overhear another person's phone calls with their mind?" It sounded like an interesting superpower to me. 

I scribbled the idea down in the margin of my notes, then rushed home and opened a new Blank Document in Word on my laptop. About a month later, I had a full manuscript. That was ten years ago. Two more books, a marriage, baby, and new job later, I have three completed novels and two more in progress. I don't regret any of the pain, sweat, and tears that got me to this point, and I have certainly learned a lot. I know that many of you are sitting on stories just waiting to be told, but can't seem to get past that intimidating Blank Document. Anyone can write a novel, and I want to help.